Finding an alternative to Operation Stack won't solve the Calais problem

The Garden of England has been a giant lorry park for much of June and July, causing varying degrees of frustration and misery for Kent's residents and businesses, as well as those who rely on the county's roads and motorways to get where they need to be – notably beleaguered HGV drivers.

After Calais who would want to drive a truck?

The migrant problem that truck drivers bound for the UK are facing in Calais is nothing new and has been a problem for 15 years.  With that being said there are now a combination of things that have elevated the problem to a whole new level.

Reports are now saying that 10,000 migrants could try and make their way in to the UK via Calais by the end of August.

Driver shortage could bring sector to a standstill

Recruiters are predicting a 10% increase in driving staff demand while the sector continues to suffer a low availability of candidates.

Research conducted by Comensura recently revealed that the UK transportation industry could become gridlocked due to a growing driver shortage, largely caused by an ageing workforce and young candidates being dissuaded by the cost of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

Meeting the challenge of a national living wage

The Chancellor’s surprise announcement in the Summer Budget to introduce a national living wage of £7.20 per hour for workers aged over 25 from next April is good news for both workers and employers.

However, there will be many employers out there running warehouses and logistics operations who may not initially see it this way and who will be more than a little nervous about the impact of this move on the competitive position of their business.

The reasons behind the HGV driver shortage

The current driver shortage is now at a critical stage, it’s not getting any better and it’s not hard to see why.  I am sure some HGV drivers will disagree but in my opinion it’s not about the wages as decent rates are currently being provided across the industry.  I believe the issue is more likely linked to the way HGV drivers are perceived and treated and the poor image of the industry as a whole.

Logistics is a great career for women

Logistics: a male dominated, old-fashioned industry based around pain-in-the-backside, slowing-us-down-on-the-way-to-work, dirty trucks.  That's probably the idea of the logistics and parcels delivery industry held by most people in the UK.  In terms of a career many woman would think ‘absolute nightmare’; but not me.

Calais scenario – are our drivers just sitting ducks?

As a company that has been operating trucks around Europe for many years, the issue of migrants attempting to access trailers in and around the Calais area is nothing new.

However since the beginning of the year the situation has progressively deteriorated resulting in companies such as ours having to constantly review security measures in an effort to safeguard not only our customers' freight but also our equipment and the welfare of our drivers.

Exporting to Russia – the top five tips for UK businesses

A year on from the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions by the EU and USA against Russia, the outlook remains uncertain for British companies who currently export there – and for those businesses that are seeking to expand into the country.

Calling on politicians to support rail freight

Every year in the UK, more than £30 billion worth of goods are moved by rail freight and our industry generates more than £1.5 billion in benefits for UK plc.

At the Rail Freight Group, we know this – and many more facts about the importance of rail freight – but we recognise that getting this message across to industry, potential customers, politicians and the wider public is a continuing task.

Is Royal Mail capable of surviving on its own?

The news that the Government is to sell-off its remaining 30% stake in Royal Mail will free the company to make urgent investment in its ageing infrastructure.  However, in my opinion, the new company would be a ripe candidate for a take-over.