HGV tyres: Unloved, deflated and dangerous…


In a bid to improve safety on the UK’s roads, WheelRight has been offering a free pressure check to HGV drivers and motorists on one of Britain’s busiest stretches of road – the south-bound M6.


The unique pilot scheme launch of our drive-over tyre pressure system at Keele Services, which is running in association with Highways England and Welcome Break, has proven so popular that it’s been extended until Christmas.


Calais crisis could fuel freight price hike

Freight prices could rise significantly in the next few weeks, unless the ongoing crisis at Calais is resolved.  I am concerned about the operational impact the French strikers and migrant incursions is having on UK import and export trade.

Temporary solutions won’t ease the logistics pain felt by the UK supply chain

As the trouble across the Channel continues to disrupt Kent’s roads and put a strain on the UK economy, the challenges for manufacturers and the European supply chain have only just begun.

The demand for emergency logistics expertise has significantly grown since Operation Stack was first implemented at the end of June because of the cross-Channel disruptions.

Drivers under pressure as Calais crisis rumbles on

Kent is indeed known as the Garden of England, but over the last few weeks, the situation there has been less than rosy for our hauliers and HGV drivers trying to cross the channel.

As a company, France Line specialises in the transportation of road freight between the UK and France.  We cover the whole of France and use all different ports but a large proportion of our freight travels via Dover – Calais and the Eurotunnel.

The five driving forces behind driverless trucks

The introduction of driverless vehicles may be nothing more than science fiction in some people’s minds, but the reality is technology giants across the globe, such as Google, are investing heavily in developing the concept which shows it is closer to reality than people think.

Daimler, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trucks, recently demonstrated a prototype truck which drove autonomously on an autobahn in Germany.  This truck successfully navigated a junction in real driving conditions.  This demonstration showed us just how real the technology is.

Finding an alternative to Operation Stack won't solve the Calais problem

The Garden of England has been a giant lorry park for much of June and July, causing varying degrees of frustration and misery for Kent's residents and businesses, as well as those who rely on the county's roads and motorways to get where they need to be – notably beleaguered HGV drivers.

After Calais who would want to drive a truck?

The migrant problem that truck drivers bound for the UK are facing in Calais is nothing new and has been a problem for 15 years.  With that being said there are now a combination of things that have elevated the problem to a whole new level.

Reports are now saying that 10,000 migrants could try and make their way in to the UK via Calais by the end of August.

Driver shortage could bring sector to a standstill

Recruiters are predicting a 10% increase in driving staff demand while the sector continues to suffer a low availability of candidates.

Research conducted by Comensura recently revealed that the UK transportation industry could become gridlocked due to a growing driver shortage, largely caused by an ageing workforce and young candidates being dissuaded by the cost of the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

Meeting the challenge of a national living wage

The Chancellor’s surprise announcement in the Summer Budget to introduce a national living wage of £7.20 per hour for workers aged over 25 from next April is good news for both workers and employers.

However, there will be many employers out there running warehouses and logistics operations who may not initially see it this way and who will be more than a little nervous about the impact of this move on the competitive position of their business.

The reasons behind the HGV driver shortage

The current driver shortage is now at a critical stage, it’s not getting any better and it’s not hard to see why.  I am sure some HGV drivers will disagree but in my opinion it’s not about the wages as decent rates are currently being provided across the industry.  I believe the issue is more likely linked to the way HGV drivers are perceived and treated and the poor image of the industry as a whole.