Sports Direct coverage must not be bad news for logistics industry, says UKWA CEO Peter Ward

'There's no such thing as bad publicity' is a phrase that’s thought to have been coined by the 19th century American showman, circus owner and self-publicist of the first order, Phineas Barnum.

The idea that a lack of publicity can do harm is clearly open to question and, in today’s social media-obsessed society where bad news spreads fast, shareholders in firms that have suffered falls in their market price due to unfavorable press coverage will almost certainly feel differently to Barnum.

Driver shortages will ‘hit the pockets’ of UK residents, says FSDF

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation has backed the House of Commons Transport Select Committee’s report warning of the dangers of the driver shortages and the insufficiency of current measures in place to deal with it, which was published at the end of July.

Tidy warehouses improve productivity, experts say

In a fast-paced retail market, warehouses have become an integral part of a business’ success. Full of hundreds of items ready to be shipped to customers, warehouses are arguably just as important as physical shops.

According to Midland Pallet Trucks, one of the country’s leading retailers of manual handling equipment, making sure warehouses are tidy and in order is imperative for maintaining productivity to meet the needs of customers and ensure a business’ success, regardless of whether the business has a presence on the high street, or if it sells solely online.

Falling fuel supply prices not being passed on to customers, says FairFuelUK

The fuel supply chain continues to avoid passing on reduced oil prices to UK motorists since Brexit, according to FairFuelUK, who claims that while wholesale prices of petrol and diesel continue to fall, prices at the pump remain unchanged. 

Shared car ownership key to greener travel

The combination of connectivity, automation and shared vehicle ownership has the potential to make car travel greener and cheaper, cutting energy use and helping accelerate the introduction of low carbon vehicles, according to newly released research.

Making big data manageable

Connectivity is totally changing the way in which fleets operate.  Real-time visibility on the likes of assets and remote equipment, wireless engine software revisions, instantaneous customer-service feedback, dynamic routing and scheduling is having a fundamental impact on how organisations drive efficiencies and deliver compelling customer experiences.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg for what connectivity can bring.

Top three advantages of tyre pressure monitoring

Formula One pit crews can change a tyre in less than three seconds.  This impressive achievement is difficult to replicate outside the track; instead, tyre maintenance in real life situations is a time-consuming and costly issue.

The condition of tyres is the second most common reason for failed MOTs, as well as one of the most common reasons for road accidents.  This article discusses the top three things commercial vehicle owners can improve using tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

Sector responds to EU Referendum outcome

Following the outcome of the EU Referendum, where the majority of those who voted decided in favour of leaving the EU (51.9 per cent compared to 48.1 per cent), key industry players have offered their views on the potential consequences and the way forward for the supply chain logistics sector.  This article includes just some of the many opinions that have come our way since the result was announced.

What does Brexit mean?

Staying in the EU does not mean ‘no change’ and leaving does not mean regulatory freedom – the vote itself creates volatility.

UK EU traders face three potential outcomes from a Brexit vote

British businesses trading with EU countries face three possible outcomes if the UK chooses to withdraw – the so-called Brexit option – in the referendum on 23 June.

These alternatives can be dubbed the Norway, Switzerland and China scenarios.

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