Latest EU Driver CPC proposals

Chief Executive Officer | The Association of Trainers

The EU Commission released proposals on the 1st February to modify driver CPC, both for initial licence acquisition and on-going periodic training. Unfortunately, there appears to be little or no benefit for the UK in any of the Commission’s proposals.

 One of the main proposals for periodic is ‘The same training content may not be provided for more than one of the seven-hour periods of training within the same round of periodic training.’ There are currently no suggestions as to how the DVSA envisages this is to be monitored and enforced. So drivers won’t be allowed to hold the three-year First Aid Certificate fully within the driver CPC periodic training.

 Drivers also won’t be able to undertake drivers’ hours and tachograph training more than once in a five year cycle. Many don’t understand the topic fully even when they undertake it every year! If there are changes, such as the new tachographs being introduced in 2019, then they might have to undertake additional training outside their driver CPC cycle and this will actually increase the requirement for on-going driver training.

 There might be some merit in not allowing a driver to repeat a topic within two or three years, but again how would this be policed?

 Also there might be a negative impact by ‘Explicitly allowing Member States to authorise the use of ICT tools (e-learning/blended learning) as part of the initial qualification and periodic training in the revised Directive’. This could lead to more falsification of training by removing the need for drivers to actually be in the same room as the trainer. The situation could potentially develop whereby other drivers undertake driver CPC (for a payment) on behalf of drivers who don’t want to or can’t be bothered to sit in a classroom.

 ADR training is already recognised in the UK and operators should note that the proposal is only to allow seven hours, instead of the current 21 hours as Driver CPC course attendance.

 There are a few ‘adjustments’, which are neither here nor there, such as harmonising the periodic training attendance certificate across all states, which is a similar concept to the common layout of the ‘letter of attestation’ for drivers hours regulations.

 There are proposals to clarify some ‘code 95’ issues with regard to driving licences, which have evidently been a problem between some EU Member States.

 There could be, at long last, a modification to initial Driver CPC Module 2, which was designed 10 years ago!

 The proposed changes to exemptions to holding the Driver CPC qualification are not clear at this stage.

 There has been some general criticism of how these proposals have been released as no guidance has been issued so far by the DVSA on timescales, the consultation process and, most importantly, their views on the EU’s proposals.

 The timescale is evidently relatively short, with the proposals intended for implementation within 18 months or so, which may, or may not, be before or after Brexit!

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