UK road haulage companies decline in value

UK road haulage companies decline in value

The average value of road haulage companies in the UK has declined over the past 12 months, new research suggests.

New data released by analysts Plimsoll reveals that over the last year, the average value of road haulage companies in the UK declined by -1.1%, compared to the previous year, when values rose 2.2%. 


The figures are a significant decline compared to values over recent years, with the highest average change in values for road haulage firms in the last five years having reached 14.3%.

In the UK, road haulage companies with sales of more than £25.2m represent almost two thirds of the market with 64.6% market share. This figure remains fairly static, having increased by 1% compared to the previous year. Companies with sales below £5.3m represent 9.6% market share.

According to Plimsoll, a number of freight and logistics-related industries in the UK have witnessed a decline in company values over the past year. In the cargo handling services industry for example the average change in company values has dropped from 7.9% for the previous year to 2.5%. 

Meanwhile, in the parcel delivery services industry, Plimsoll’s analysis reveals a mixed picture. The average change in company valuations for couriers remains fairly consistent, increasingly slightly from 3.3% for the previous year to 3.6% for the current year. However the average value of sameday courier companies is in decline – with the change in average valuations having dropped from 3.3% last year to -0.3%. 

On a more positive note, average company values for freight forwarding firms are on the rise – with average company values rising from 0.2% for the previous year to 3.2%. 

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