Telematics system helping DAF customers monitor fuel savings

Telematics system helping DAF customers monitor fuel savings

The DAF Telematics system helps operators to track fuel efficiency

Operators are now able to track the fuel savings that the latest Euro 6 compliant DAF range of vehicles is delivering with the DAF Telematics system.

Launched last year, the system is now supplied as standard with all new DAF vehicles ordered with a DAF MultiSupport Repair & Maintenance contract.  Operators who choose not to take the additional contract can order the system as an optional extra.

Operators receive a weekly fuel and utilisation report as part of the MultiSupport contract to enable them to track fuel efficiency and can also access a comprehensive view of fleet operations, with access delivered through a web-based online portal.

The system also caters for tachograph information, with the Microlise Remote Digital Tachograph Download module available to DAF Telematics customers.

Because the system has been developed in partnership with Microlise, DAF customers can also step into full logistics management systems, including Journey Management and Proof of Delivery, to suit their specific business needs.

Having so many vehicles equipped with the system, enables DAF to analyse economy and vehicle performance trends in greater depth.

"What we can see is that Euro 6 DAF vehicles are consistently outperforming similar Euro 5 vehicles on fuel economy by between 2% and 7%", said Phil Moon, Marketing Manager at DAF Trucks Ltd.

"Although there are obvious variables between one operation and another, our ability to consolidate the data for so many vehicles and compare those of similar configurations means we can get a good view on how well the latest vehicles are performing."