Phil Williams, Head of Shell Commercial Fleet

Shell steps up the battle against fuel card fraud

By introducing Real Time Detection technology, which can detect criminal behaviour in seconds, Shell has significantly enhanced the fraud detection capabilities of its euroShell Card.

Founded on the same system that banks use to detect credit card fraud, Real Time Detection technology can filter up to 260 million Shell fuel card transactions every year based on specific payment parameters.  It can then use the information to flag suspicious activity in real time.

This ensures that compared to euroShell Card’s previous fraud detection technology, fraud can now be detected faster and more accurately for euroShell Card customers.

Real Time Detection technology builds upon euroShell Card’s existing fraud detection and prevention capabilities.  These include customisable smart alerts, which can let fleet operators know when payment is attempted beyond their approved limit, and individual or bulk card blocking – both of which are available through the Shell Card Online management tool.

Shell also has a dedicated team of fraud experts who review transactions with up-to-date country specific and fraud trend knowledge.

Phil Williams, Head of Shell Commercial Fleet said: “Fuel cards are one of the most secure, efficient and simple ways for drivers to fill up on the road but this does not mean they are impervious to fraudulent activity, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

“As a fuel card provider, it is our responsibility to minimise the impact of criminal attempts by staying one step ahead of the game.  The introduction of Real Time Detection technology is testament to Shell’s commitment to achieving this and protecting our customers.”

To further advance the service it offers fleet operators, Shell has also improved the design and functionality of Shell Card Online.  The platform now includes more intuitive navigation and offers advanced control over setting fuel card usage limits, easier bulk card ordering, and personalised reports that address answers to specific questions.

Phil Williams added: “We understand that time and money are extremely precious commodities for fleet managers.  All of these upgrades are therefore designed to improve the convenience, control, security and savings our customers receive from euroShell Card so they can get on with their business, their way.