FTA rise to Earned Recognition data challenge

FTA rises to Earned Recognition data challenge

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has launched a new solution to help operators achieve the required standard to comply with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) long-awaited Earned Recognition pilot scheme.

Under the scheme, where HGV operators can earn the right to be checked less frequentlly, operators must have their compliance systems audited by a DVSA-approved auditor, sharing data on vehicle roadworthiness, other work undertaken by drivers and drivers’ hours. 

The FTA is liaising with DVSA about using its core Truck Excellence audit and standards modules to help with the initial on-site audit required by Earned Recognition. These standards have been recognised as being closely aligned to those required by Earned Recognition and recognise the operators’ ability to achieve consistently high levels of safety and legal compliance across their fleet.

FTA Deputy Chief Executive James Hookham said: “With its history of compliance excellence, FTA is ideally placed to support the introduction of Earned Recognition across the sector and using already-recognised markers of achievement such as Truck Excellence, combined with our leading compliance platform Vision, we will help ensure that the new process continues to drive up standards across the industry. We are looking forward to being at the heart of these changes.”

The FTA has partnered with R2C to provide an integrated Earned Recognition compliance solution for both vehicles and drivers. Customers of R2C and FTA already enjoy access to platforms spanning all aspects of commercial vehicle compliance, and can access a dashboard for Earned Recognition for maintenance or drivers’ hours. Joint clients can now use a unique integrated dashboard to provide the vehicle and driver information required by the Earned Recognition scheme. The integration of this dashboard into FTA’s and R2C’s platforms means that operators can measure all their KPIs in one place, with the ability to drill down to the supporting data.

FTA is currently talking to manufacturers and systems providers about creating an industry data hub to bring together all the data needed for Earned Recognition.

Hookham continued: “A big challenge for the industry is to pull together all the maintenance data required from disparate sources to participate in Earned Recognition. This could create fragmentation, multiple standards and a great deal of cost. We’ve been approached by numerous organisations to provide an independent, industry-wide solution to this data challenge, and we believe we have the expertise, insight and systems to make this happen.”