Combining Remote Download, GPS and Telematics in one black box.

Combining Remote Download, GPS and Telematics in one black box.

Tachosys have been at the forefront in developing high quality and efficient Digital Tachograph download peripherals since their introduction in 2006.  In recent years digiDL has led the field in terms of Remote Download options proving to be the most reliable and flexible solution with over 10,000 units installed already.  Reflecting this digiDL is now supported by all of the key UK and European online Tachograph analysis bureaux and is standard equipment for Stoneridge Tachograph.

There has been pressure from the industry to reduce the number of ‘black boxes’ and SIM cards within the vehicle and Tachosys have reacted to this pressure by introducing the digiDL-EX.

digiDL-EX combines Remote Tachograph Download, Tracking and FMS data collection in a single solution.   This may not be unique in itself but when combined with the communications platform (digicentral) which Tachosys has developed over 6 years the solution is very powerful indeed.  Digicentral manages all the devices, deals with all of the scheduling for remote download and provides a gateway for all data from the vehicle.  Companies could feasibly have tracking and telematics provided by one company, planning from another and have their Tachograph data handled by a third with all data parsed automatically. 

As the digiDL-EX is attached to all of the vehicle touchpoints data coming from digiDL-EX is extremely rich.  There are also a significant number of input / output configurations to provide a great deal of functionality and futureproofing.  This is a topline view of some of the features;

  • remote download of the Tachograph
  • intelligent feed of GPS co-ordinates
  • measure fuel usage, power, speed, harsh braking and over 70 other parameters
  • feedback Tachograph mode changes and Driver Decision Support data
  • provide Bluetooth support for Android tablets or phones
  • provide a platform for a host of other devices / switches

digiDL-EX is available through a range of specialist resellers.  Companies can contact Tachosys to find out how they might access the wealth of information it provides.

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