Bridgestone’s innovative tyre support is a total success

As the largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products worldwide, Bridgestone prides itself on leading the way in technologically innovative goods.

However, with such fierce competition battling for a share of an ever-evolving industry, keeping so many global brands in the rear view mirror is a constant challenge.

Developing groundbreaking solutions – befitting of the Bridgestone name – can be seen across the business, from commercial tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) right through to Bridgestone’s second generation air free concept tyre technology, which was showcased at the recent Tokyo Motor Show.

But if there is one example of advanced tyre support that genuinely leads the way, then Bridgestone need look no further than its Total Tyre Care package for commercial fleet operators.

Total Tyre Care allows businesses to keep tight control over their tyre-related costs courtesy of a hat-trick of services.

It has been tailored to meet the needs of every commercial fleet operator and is quite unlike anything else on the market.

Total Tyre Care is built around the following three components:

• Total Tyre Life – Premium new tyres and retreads
• Total Tyre Services – Professional tyre maintenance and assistance throughout Europe
• Total Tyre Systems – Inspection tools, customised reports and innovative technologies

And in the ultimate endorsement for Bridgestone’s all-encompassing offering, more and more fleet operators are opting for the brand over its competitors, with two hugely significant partnerships now being revealed.

Firstly, Bridgestone’s ongoing relationship with Ryder, the UK’s leading independent provider of commercial vehicle rental solutions, has been extended until 2018 in a massive coup.

The announcement represents Bridgestone’s biggest success story in recent times, with the multi-million pound deal covering more than 24,500 trucks and trailers.  

The Bridgestone Partner support network was cited as a major factor behind Ryder’s decision to opt for the brand, with its holistic, 24 hour tyre management service resonating during talks.

Bridgestone Partner is comprised of hundreds of respected tyre dealers who will guarantee the highest level of service to fleets.

Bridgestone Partner’s mission statement is to provide joined-up, strategic partnerships to maximise the life of each and every tyre fitted.

Not only does the new network name reinforce Bridgestone’s position as a true premium player, but it underlines just how the bespoke requirements of fleets have changed over the years, where a ‘cradle to grave’ service outweighs a request for new tyres at competitive prices.

Bridgestone believes that tyres only account for around 2-4 per cent of the total budget of a typical fleet, but can influence a huge number of other cost factors such as fuel, repair and downtime, which is where the Bridgestone Partner offering kicks into gear.

The proof of the pudding can already be seen in one of Bridgestone’s largest and longest-standing fleet relationships with Ryder.

More than one year since Bridgestone and Ryder implemented their strategic partnership and tyre-related breakdowns for Ryder customers have fallen by 28 per cent following the introduction of a range of initiatives aimed at maximising fleet uptime and lowering running costs.

Ryder is Bridgestone’s largest UK commercial fleet customer and the two organisations have been working together for nearly 20 years.  The relationship evolved into a strategic partnership in 2013 with the implementation of a joint framework that aims to reduce tyre wastage through closer collaboration and improved working practices.

Strategies include a major focus on tyre husbandry, an increased emphasis on setting correct tyre pressure and a detailed review of removed tyres, to avoid premature removal and to ensure that all parties are properly managing the use of tyres throughout their life.

The strength of the Bridgestone Partner network – featuring some of the most knowledgeable and experienced dealers – underpins the overall offering, in what Bridgestone believes is one of the most impressive ‘cradle to grave’ services in the industry.

Bridgestone’s fleet sales manager Paul Emery, said: “We are genuinely proud of our Total Tyre Care offering, which represents a flexible range of tyre programmes, providing a care-free response to every fleet manager's needs.  We believe it gives us a big advantage over our competitors.”