Logistics managers urged to ramp up no-deal Brexit preparations

Logistics managers urged to ramp up no-deal Brexit preparations

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is advising businesses to advance their preparations for a no-deal Brexit following the rejection of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement earlier this week.

Pauline Bastidon, Head of European Policy and Brexit at FTA, which represents 17,000 logistics business in the UK, commented: “The chances of the UK leaving the EU without a deal in place has now increased significantly. As such, FTA strongly advises logistics managers to ramp up their preparations for a no-deal withdrawal.” 

Bastidon continued: “A no-deal Brexit would be highly damaging for trade, for business and for Britain. FTA is continuing to urge the government to reach an agreement with the EU which will keep goods and services flowing with minimal disruption, as no-deal is no option for logistics. Meanwhile, businesses should continue to plan for the worst – a no-deal outcome – to mitigate against further problems as much as possible.”

To help businesses navigate this uncharted territory, FTA is holding a webinar, No Deal Brexit Briefings for Logistics Managers, on 25 January 2019.

Bastidon added: “FTA is committed to guiding businesses through the complex no-deal Brexit planning process; the knowledge and expertise of our Brexit team is second to none and we strongly advise any business engaging in logistics and the movement of goods between the EU and UK to register for the webinar without delay.”

The webinar will take place at 10am on the 25 January 2019. For further information or to book a place (fees apply) go to https://fta.co.uk/events or call FTA Customer Services on 03717 11 22 22).