CML hosts Brexit forum for its customers

CML hosts Brexit forum for its customers

Lutterworth-based warehouse and logistics company Core Management Logistics (CML) recently hosted its own Brexit forum to educate and inform its customers of the potential impact that Brexit may have on logistics operations.

Those in attendance included a panel of 17 industry experts, seven representatives from CML, and over 20 delegates, all customers of CML. With a wide customer base, attendees ranged from its freight and contract logistics business sectors and included fashion brands, catering equipment and automotive companies.

Guests were able to listen to expert advice and opinions from the panel of industry experts and were also given the opportunity to ask questions of their own. Amongst the panel was a Brexit risk consultant, VATspecialists, economists, and a trade finance representative.

In the morning session, general questions were posed to the panel covering the issues and possibilities of Brexit that may be making businesses apprehensive. Following lunch, delegates were able to ask questions that were more specific to their individual businesses. Topics included: ‘How will the industry reduce inevitable delays with processing additional customs formalities?’ and ‘How would we be able to reduce the ‘double duty’ effect on goods that we buy from Europe?’

Kerry Delaney, Commercial Director at CML, commented: “With a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we wanted to ensure our customers are fully educated and informed on the impact that this may have on the industry. Our panel of experts were excellent and were able to shed a lot of light on various different topics surrounding Brexit. We’d also like to reassure all of our customers that CML will continue to provide a first class service throughout the process, regardless of any potential implications.”

Commenting on the feedback, James Thorpe, Freight Business Unit Manager at CML, commented: “We’re pleased to hear such great feedback on the event. One attendee said it may even change his whole approach to his plans for Europe expansion. Rather than trying to sell our services at the forum, like many other companies might do, we wanted to offer support to the businesses that need it. We are proud of our team who have a proactive approach to the Brexit challenge and are glad the forum proved useful to our customers.” 

Amelia Bishop, Brexit Change Specialist and one of the expert panel, commented: “We were very proud to be supporting CML in their Brexit forum event – fantastic and how proactive!  CML want to help their clients with Brexit by getting their questions answered and ensuring they get the support they need through the coming months and years. Make sure you’re not one of the 62% sitting on their heels and protect your business and customers like CML are!”

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