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Finding an alternative to Operation Stack won't solve the Calais problem

The Garden of England has been a giant lorry park for much of June and July, causing varying degrees of frustration and misery for Kent's residents and businesses, as well as those who rely on the county's roads and motorways to get where they need to be – notably beleaguered HGV drivers.

Opinions differ over DfT's relaxation of drivers’ hours rules

The decision of the Department for Transport (DfT) to agree to a temporary and limited exceptional relaxation of the enforcement of EU drivers’ hours rules, following continuing turmoil in Calais, has been met with a mixed response.

After Calais who would want to drive a truck?

The migrant problem that truck drivers bound for the UK are facing in Calais is nothing new and has been a problem for 15 years. With that being said there are now a combination of things that have elevated the problem to a whole new level.

Combining Remote Download, GPS and Telematics in one black box.

Combining Remote Download, GPS and Telematics in one black box.

Tachosys have been at the forefront in developing high quality and efficient Digital Tachograph download peripherals since their introduction in 2006. In recent years digiDL has led the field in terms of Remote Download options proving to be the most reliable and flexible solution with over 10,000 units installed already. Reflecting this digiDL is now supported by all of the key UK and European online Tachograph analysis bureaux and is standard equipment for Stoneridge Tachograph.

Calais update: Further security measures as crisis escalates

Following on from a night where more than 1,500 migrants attempted to enter the Eurotunnel terminal in Coquelles, and the accidental death of a Sudanese man, the French government has announced that 120 extra police officers will be drafted in to help address the escalating situation.