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Time for a change?

The clocks change (again) on the 26th March.

Are you ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

In April the government is to introduce a new ‘payroll tax’ in the form of an Apprenticeship Levy. Those businesses with an annual payroll bill in excess of £3 million will see their payroll costs increase next year by 0.5 per cent – a substantial extra cost burden for any company affected, across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Latest EU Driver CPC proposals

The EU Commission released proposals on the 1st February to modify driver CPC, both for initial licence acquisition and on-going periodic training. Unfortunately, there appears to be little or no benefit for the UK in any of the Commission’s proposals.

Expectations too great?

Can logistics services companies meet the demands of retailer clients in the internet-age and deliver a profit, asks John Maguire, Commercial Director of Narrow Aisle Ltd.

Smart time slot management systems can prevent trouble at the loading dock

Smart time slot management (TSM) systems can solve bottleneck problems and deliver significant valued-added benefits for businesses, writes Gursh Atwal, Account Manager at AEB (International) Ltd