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Roger Sumner-Rivers, Founder, ParcelHero

FedEx’s bid for TNT will create a more competitive market

FedEx's €4.4 billion ($4.8 billion, £3.2 billion) bid for Dutch parcel delivery firm TNT Express has sparked a boost in courier company shares. It’s not only the courier industry that will benefit, however: it is customers that should ultimately be the real winner. The resulting company will introduce stronger competition within Europe and globally.

The importance of non-domiciled shipowners to the UK economy

The importance of non-domiciled shipowners to the UK economy

In light of the continuing debate over the Labour Party’s plans to scrap the non-domicile rule, I feel it’s essential that The Baltic Exchange highlights the importance and value to the UK economy of the many foreign shipowners who reside in the UK and pay tax in the UK but also enjoy the benefits of non-domiciled status to ensure their global businesses are not brought into the UK tax net.

David Williams, Managing Director, Rhenus UK

Minimum wage for ‘transitory’ hauliers is anti-competitive

Moves by the German and French authorities to apply minimum wages on foreign drivers operating in their territories could have a major impact on the UK’s export drive.

Stay on the right side of new drug-driving law

Following its introduction, the new drug-driving law operates in a similar way to the drink-driving laws that the public is familiar with, with testing taking place at the road-side.

Chris Jones, Executive VP Marketing & Services, Descartes Systems Group

Welcome to the customer facing supply chain

In the quest for competitive differentiation, we are beginning to see more and companies highlighting the merits of their supply chain. While this tactic may not be ground-breaking in itself, the difference we’re now experiencing is that companies are exposing their supply chains directly to their customers, with capabilities that are intended to benefit the customer as opposed to just themselves.