Kent transport plan will deliver for freight industry, says FTA

bsp;Port expansion at Dover Western DocksA solution to Operation StackSplitting port traffic between the M2 and M20 for more efficient traffic management Provision for overnight lorry parkingNatalie Chapman, head of policy of the FTA for London and the South East, said: “The plan identifies a number of issues that FTA agrees should be a priority for Kent. Lorry parking is a problem throughout the country, but it is especially difficult for drivers approaching the Port of Dover to find a...

GSF annual report focuses on challenging past year

The Global Shipper Forum’s annual report has highlighted key industry issues, which include the challenges of new container weighing rules, formulating plans for reducing maritime emissions and extending influence over key UN agencies.

BIFA backs calls to end shipping surcharges

Recent calls to end shipping surcharges have been backed by the British International Freight Association. Robert Keen, director general for BIFA, has supported the Global Shipper Forum’s ambition to remove the surcharges within five years.

Calais violence continues as RHA car attacked

Chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, Richard Burnett, has expressed his concern for drivers in Calais after further attacks from migrants. A member of the RHA had a boulder thrown at his car at the port, days after a night of violence at the jungle camp in Calais during which a truck driver was threatened with a chainsaw.

Shippers are being exploited, claims Global Shipper Forum

Shippers are being exploited by some shipping lines, forwarders and terminal operators according to the Global Shipper Forum, who say that shippers are being charged excessive fees for the processing of mandatory container weight verification requirements. The regulations had been introduced for safety reasons but are now being abused through surcharges, claims the GSF.