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Consultations close on Tilbury 2 project; planning application expected in the Autumn

London’s Port of Tilbury has completed the statutory consultation process for its plans to build a £100 million new port terminal.

Professional Freight Solutions achieves efficient and compliant customs declarations’ management with Descartes

Descartes e-Customs™ solution ensures the efficient and compliant management of customs declarations processes for clients of international freight forwarder Professional Freight Solutions

Securing the skies - security seals for the airline industry

Security seals are a key component in the securing of global aviation logistics, ensuring that aircraft, airports and airline supply chains are secured against the issues of tampering, theft or bad practice

Severn tolls to be abolished at the end of 2018

Severn tolls to be abolished at the end of 2018

FTA hails victory as government announces tolls on the Severn Crossings to be abolished at the end of 2018.

Driven to distraction

Driven to distraction

As drivers, we all know the best way to drive. However, we also know that despite our best intentions, we do not always drive as safely as we could, or perhaps should.